Caltech Bookstore Visit

I decided to take a day off before Thanksgiving break and what a good day it was. The weather was ideal for a day out. I wasn’t in my usual home body mood so was quite excited to get out. Lately I’ve had the itch to buy books so the idea of going to Caltech was looking even better. My goal was to find a good Particle Physics book. Caltech has a good selection of books The kids where up and Jackie was up for the yearly visit to Caltech. Actually, yearly is too broad, we typically visit Caltech about four to five times a year. We managed to leave the house by noon and headed for a quick stop at Denny’s for lunch.

Our arrival at the Caltech bookstore was disappointing at first glance because the book section was still in the last condition from my last visit on my birthday. I haven’t bothered to ask the bookstore attendant if their book section is going away or whether they are just re-designing their book section. Their book section consists of a few bookshelves of donated books from Friends of Caltech Libraries. Although they do have two shelves of new books at the front of the bookstore, it does not compare large selection in the past. Anyhow, I quickly jumped into my book browsing mode and started scanning through the selection. At $5 a book, i was excited to think that I might come out with several books and still bve within my budget.

At the end of the day, I successfully came out with the following purchases:

  • Quanta and Reality by (American Research Council) – Old book 1962 🙂
  • Revolutionizing the Sciences by Peter Dear
  • The Restless Atom by Alfred Romer
  • Making Truth, Metaphor in Science by Theodore L. Brown

Once again, I was glad with my finds.

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