Welcome to my QuarkLogic homepage. My name is Carlos Ramirez a.k.a top quark . I am a Software Engineer at an AerospaceĀ  & Defense company by trade and a Particle Physics enthusiast the rest of the time. In this blog I will share my thoughts, experiences and rants on a wide range of topics of interest … but don’t hold me to that.

Who is Carlos?


  • Perl programming language – I dream in Perl and Regular Expressions. If you have a problem, I can solve it in Perl. Try me.
  • Apache Web Server – Best web server in the world. I can slice and dice any custom configuration you need for your Apache Web Server. I develop custom Apache mod_perl modules for any phase your HTTP request life cycle.
  • Software Engineering Environments – Extensive knowledge and experience of a wide variety of software tools for software development environments support the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Linux – Did you say Linux? There’s no place like home than working in the Linux environment. Through the command line, I can install, configure, customize any Linux environment. Want LAMP? – you got it. I can build all your Linux software tools from source or distribution packaging systems.
  • Open Source Software – Open Source Software is king. I have used hundreds of tools from Open Source Software (OSS) ecosystem, I have built many OSS tools from source, I have customized many OSS tools. You want cost effective solutions to your needs, OSS is the way to go. Let me know how OSS can help your business needs.
  • Software Process – To build great software you need good software processes to enable consistent and efficient software practices.
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Web Development


  • Particle Physics
  • Programming
  • Books Collecting – Physics, Mathematics, Science, Computers, Project Management, Philosophy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Semantic Web
  • Social Networks
  • Business Management
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Cars – Audi (A4, Q5, RS4, R8), Range Rover

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