Let the Mac development begin

We recently purchased a family iMac with a 27 display and 16GB of memory. The kids are loving it including the parents. Although we already have a mixture of laptops and PCs running Linux and Windoze this new device requires taking a number to use it.

In regards to system administration tasks, I created accounts for each family member (including the script kiddies) with a designated area for data files, to help with backups. I also installed Firefox as the default browser.


More importantly, I am almost done with setting up my standard development tool set.


My tool set includes:

  1. Eclipse (Kepler) – For web development and remote development
  2. gVIM – Quick text edits and quick scripts
  3. xCode – App Development – Finally!
  4. Firefox – Web development and safe surfing
  5. VirtualBox – Linux Virtual Machines

Most of my development is developed and tested on remote Linux servers so I’m not installing the LAMP stack. Actually, the OSX 10.9 comes with Perl, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Awesome!

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